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TMM has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system at the beginning of its establishment, and is committed to creating products with "quality" as the core. In addition, processing equipment and measuring equipment are imported from Europe, which is also an advanced country in photovoltaic power generation systems. With the development of new technologies and new products, we believe that providing reliable quality products and reliable services at reasonable prices is our reason for existence and mission.


We provide the most suitable bracket according to the application and installation location。


Introduce the TMM mounts installed in various places。


Notify us that the car scaffold has been delivered to Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


Recently, Kanazu Murata Manufacturing (Awara City, Fukui Prefecture), a production subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., installed a carport type solar power generation system [number of components: 1,257 (model name: DM305-M156-60), total output: 383kW, number of parking spaces :167], we delivered the mounts of our company TMM Japan through Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd..


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